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How’s your energy level? Sleep? Brain function? Heard of frozen shoulder, burning tongue, bleeding gums or formication (when it feels like something is crawling across your skin)? Those are just some of the dozens and dozens of symptoms of peri/menopause transition – aka the other puberty, second childhood, hell on earth, the climacteric. It’s never too early to find out all about it, and once you know what you are dealing with, things can get a whole lot better.

The peri/menopause transition can last for years and depending on your overall health, genetics, stress levels, lifestyle, background, work situation, socioeconomic factors, levels of ageism faced and a whole lot of other variables that have nothing to do with you, it can range from nothing to a kind of living hell.

But there is also a lot of gold in there, and like any challenge, many, many women say life is better than it’s ever been on the other side.

I’m a journalist with 25 years of experience covering health – and I’m going through this fascinating and frustrating time too. This is very much a developing story and a lucrative one too. By 2025, 1.1 billion women will be going through menopause. It’s been pegged as a US$600 billion opportunity.

Hotflash Inc is building a global #perimenoposse – a community of savvy, smart, hopeful, curious, creative and contemplative people, providing a steady stream of balanced, unbiased coverage of all the latest news, research, public policy, tech, economics, business, podcasts, products, experts and more.

At the same time I’ll never stop reminding you that this is a normal transition, that shame and stigma have no place here, and that not only is this going somewhere good – we are actually entering the most powerful time of our lives.

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